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Events for 2015-2016 year


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Beginning of 2015-2016 school year

Beginning of school year

17 Aug

Technical vacations

03 Jul

Neptune Day

We had visitors on the day of Neptune: a Mermaid and the Sea King.

12 Jun

Graduation- 2015.The graduation of Explorer class celebration for children and parents.

June, 12 is the special date for children of Clever Kids. It is the day, when graduating students will wave their hands while saying good bye to kindergarten which became their second home and will enter the adult life. Teachers prepare a performance "Good bye, preschool" with the large Concert for graduating students. The songs, poems and dances – will demonstrate all the creativity potential well-developed in Clever Kids.

01 Jun

Summer program

A summer in Clever Kids is solemnly declared as restless time! Join traditional summer entertainments, kids will participate in creative open air workshops, model from clay their own ‘works of art’ together with masters of Trypillia culture; ride a bike, rollers, scooters, play football and other  games, study gardening, bath in an open pool, enjoy sun-baths and will be tempered.

01 Jun

Childhood holidays. Start of the summer program.

On Holiday of Childhood the pupils of Clever Kids, and also their dads and mothers, have to... No, not  to study. It is obligatory to play, to participate in competitions, have fun and just be happy together!

04 May

2 Weeks of Sports and Health

Become the active participants of Sports and Health week of - join the "Merry starts" and support children on football Championship. 

30 Apr

Individual conferences for parents by results 2014-2015

Invite parents to discuss the achievements of their children. You will be able  to talk with a teacher and psychologist personally about successes in mathematics, sensory, logic,charter, ethics and aesthetics, nature,geography, biology, zoology and astronomy. And also discuss a plans on a next school year, to express the expectations and wishes.

27 Apr

Week of Dance

During the week of Dance – everybody will start dancing! Everyone will find his own soul dance and will get the unforgettable impressions. 

22 Apr

Day of Earth

As a magic rubber erase borders, the matters of age and other conditions disappear... All this happens because in the day of Earth all habitants of their planet combine efforts for protection of nature. But as it is well-known, for the real kindness that goes out of the very heart, there are no limit obstacles.

20 Apr

Music Week

We are visiting the Museum of sounds on April 20th at Clever Kids. 

14 Apr

Art Week

To immerse in a world of bright colors: on easels and Clever Kids boards, numerous works performed in various genres and techniques will feature. 

06 Apr

Creative workshops for Easter

Kids will plunge into creativity in this lightest holiday, to become better aware of unique Easter traditions and attributes. The Сreativity studio teacher demonstrate the workshop on decorating Easter eggs, Easter bunnies produced of hay and other kinds of "handmade" art.

01 Apr

April Fool's Day. Project:"Smile, you are on camera!"

We offer a portion of positive emotions in our project “Smile, you are on camera!”

The children enjoyed playing, joking and transformed into different magical images. Please see how it was.

02 Mar

Happy Mothers morning

A good mood and unforgettable impressions presented to mothers and grandmothers by all the Clever Kids students.

23 Feb

Day of our best Dads

Daddy, steady! Ready! Go!

16 Feb

Spring Pancake fest. Week of pancakes. Making master class in cooking of pancakes.

Tasting of pancakes is announced for all that week, a tradition in Clever Kids! You will be able not only to find different kind of pancakes here but also make your own filling, and also participate in the roundelay with singing and morning entertainments near a samovar. 

09 Feb

The Week of English culture

As after the flick of a magic wand, all the small students in Clever Kids turn into real... sirs and ladies for a whole week!                                                            

05 Jan

A Week of Ukrainian culture. The project "Christmas traditions in Ukraine"

"Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells...bringing good cheer" Where? Certainly to Clever Kids! In fact Christmas holidays are the best time for capacious acquaintance with Ukrainian culture.

19 Dec

New Year's celebration

New Year's Eve is a magical time! On December 19th  kids will have  fun with St. Nicholas sitting around the Christmas tree, and the Christmas Express with Santa Claus, and a funny tour around the kindergarten Clever Kids, also Christmas wishes and gifts. Children will also visit the workshops where they will make the exclusive gifts with their own hands!

See you at the celebration!

15 Dec

The individual parents conferences of the results after the first half of year


We invite parents to discuss the child's achievement in the first half. You will be able to talk personally to the teachers and psychologists about the successes of the child in math, sensing, logic, literacy, ethics and aesthetics, practical life skills, natural sciences, geography, biology, zoology, astronomy, to learn about the creative achievements in the studio sessions. Also you will be able to discuss the tasks of the second half of the year, share your observations and wishes.

27 Nov

Thanksgiving Day. The holiday of autumn and harvest

The Clever Kids know that even the seasons need to rest. That is why together with the teachers, kids say good-bye and thanks to autumn for a rich harvest.



18 Nov

The tea party with Yulia Demydenko

The format of the event - a round table at which parents of Clever Kids will be able to discuss their concerns with Yulia Demydenko, the general director, and Natalia Tkachenko, the practical psychologist.

31 Oct


"Trick or treat!" - these words of children and their parents will be heard at Clever Kids on October 31.

29 Oct

Days of the mathematical magic

On October 29th  parents who have become participants of the exhibition "The Magic of Mathematics" in the Clever Kids, noticed that mathematics can be quite different - a fascinating science, with different puzzles, games and mathematical problems. With this approach, a class of boring and unpleasant duty turns into an exciting game in which the children easily and enthusiastically learn new skills, develop memory and logic, learn to think outside the box and to cope with a very difficult task, and apply the skills learned in the classroom in ordinary life.

13 Oct

Individual parents conferences of the results of adaptation

We invite parents to discuss the first results of the child's stay in kindergarten. You will be able to talk personally with the teachers and psychologists on how your child adapted to the new situation, how they accepted the rules and how your kid feels as a part of the team, learn about his first friends, as well as get acquainted with the individual plan of intellectual, physical and creative development of the child.

13 Oct

Columbus Day

One day around the world? This is only possible in Clever Kids! Brave explorers will find fascinating continents; learn about the history, geography, flora and fauna of the different countries.

02 Sep

Start of the school year. Festival for children and their parents.

Friends, Carlson and Kid, the favorite songs, the whirlwind of bubbles, master classes, playing ethnic instruments - children and parents will meet after the summer holidays in Clever Kids!

13 Jun

Holiday graduates kindergarten "Good bye, kindergarten!"

June 13th for children at Clever Kids will be a special date. This is the day when graduates will say “good bye” to the kindergarten and take a little more adult life. In honor of this event teachers will prepare a holiday. "Good bye, kindergarten" with a gala-concert of graduates. 

01 Jun

Summer program

Summer in Clever Kids solemnly declared as the time of fidgets! In addition to traditional summer fun, kids will take part in creative workshops in the open air, to mold a clay with masters of Tripoli culture, rollerblading, scooters, bicycles, play football and other team games, learn gardening, swimming in the outdoor pool, sunbathing and tempered.

01 Jun

Child protection Day – summer program launch

Wicked wizards, witches, Orcs and other bad characters know that if anything crops up, every kid will always be rescued by their beloved parents. Nobody will be able to beat such a close-knit team! 

22 Apr

Earth Day

Like under the pressure of a magic eraser the borders get rubbed off, the age and other conventions become unimportant... This is because on the Earth Day all the planet inhabitants join their efforts to preserve nature. 

16 Apr

Individual parents’ conferences based on the school year results

We are inviting parents to discuss the child’s achievements for the school year. You will be able to have a personal talk with a teacher or a psychologist about the kid’s academic progress in the Mathematics, Sensorics, Logics, Grammar, Ethics and Esthetics, natural sciences: Geography, Biology, Zoology and Astronomy, and also discuss the tasks for the following school year, express your expectations and wishes. 

14 Apr

Creative master classes for Easter

On the brightest holiday the kids will plunge into creativity to become better acquainted with  Easter traditions and attributes.

02 Apr

International Day of children’s book

The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, The Thumbelina and many other book characters are ready to leap from the pages to come to life in kids’ imagination. 

01 Apr

April Fool’s Day

It is said that on this day even Princess Nesmeyana with the Grumpy dwarf are laughing like a drain! Sure thing, given that on April 1st you are not only allowed to be hit by a giggling fit but even recommended to do this. 

11 Mar

Morning for mother

The big theatre named after the little fidgets of Clever Kids is representing! On March 11 - 13 there will be a premier performance of “Mother – the first word” the musical. The performance includes  pieces of vocal, choreographical and drama studios as well as orchestral. 

27 Feb

Cheese fare week

The Cheese fare week is one of the most favorite and tasty feasts for kids! 

23 Feb

Father’s Day

Father, stop! Cover off! Attention!

Certainly, since the kids have already prepared to congratulate the family heads with the strongest, most manful and noble holiday in the year. 

14 Feb

Saint Valentine’s Day!

On Saint Valentine’s Day in Clever Kids everybody will be presented hearts by each other and the kids prepared handmade gifts for their parents – their sweet hearts. 

10 Feb

English culture week

Like by the wave of a magic wand, the Clever Kids fosterlings will turn into small… sirs and ladies! 

30 Jan

Exercises of practical life

Parents enjoyed using materials provided in the exhibition. 

08 Jan

Ukrainian culture week

“Schedryk, schedryk, schedrivochka, pryletila lastivochka…” Where to? Certainly to the Clever Kids!

 Since the Christmas holidays is the best time to become better acquainted with Ukrainian culture. 

15 Dec

New Year toys’ story

Toys come to life in the imagination of kids and ... in Clever Kids! 

09 Dec
09.12.2013 - 20.01.2014

Individual parents conferences at the end of the semester

We invite parents to discuss their child's achievements in the first half-year. Personally you will be able to talk to the teacher and psychologist about the successes of the child in math, sensing, logic, literacy, ethics and aesthetics, practical life skills, natural sciences, geography, biology, zoology, astronomy; to learn about the creative achievements in the studio classes. 

28 Nov

Thanksgiving Day

In Clever Kids children know that even of the seasons need to rest. Therefore, together with the teachers they spend autumn holidays being funny and noisy and say "thank you" for a rich harvest. And not just in words - in fact, during the theatrical performance with "sketches" from the life of the American Indians.

13 Nov

Exhibition of didactic materials

SENSORY ?  Sensory development ??

Pink Tower?  Brown stages?  Cylinders?

Come to us for the exhibition of didactic materials in the round hall (second floor)

31 Oct


‘’Trick or Treat!’’ – You will listen to these words in Clever Kids on the 31st of October. 

18 Oct

Conversation with the psychologist

The format of the event – is a round table, at which the parents of Clever Kids students will be able to discuss their troubling questions with a qualified psychologist.

15 Oct

Columbus Day

Around the world in one day? This is only possible in Clever Kids! Brave explorers will explore fascinating continents, learn about the history, geography, flora and fauna of the different countries.

14 Oct
14.10.2013 - 14.11.2013

Individual parents conferences on the results of adaptation

We invite parents to discuss the first results of the child's stay in the kindergarten. Personally you will be able to talk to the teacher and the psychologist about how your child adapted to the new situation, how they accepted  the rules, how they felt in a team; you’ll learn about their first friends, read  the individual plan of intellectual, physical and creative development of the child.

07 Oct

Week of the mathematical magic

One, two, three, four, five, I go ... to count! How the little wizards cope with magic numbers, which the heights they ‘ll reach in the learning of mathematics, which spells the teachers use to help them – all the answers parents can get by acquainting with a unique mathematical material, which the students work with daily in Clever Kids.

02 Sep

Day of Knowledge

The 2nd of September is so unusual, tourists will visit Clever Kids kindergarten. They learned that the most joyful celebration of the Day of Knowledge is with us, and they are going to join us. Luntik and his friends - Pchelenok, Vupsen and Pupsen are rushing to meet with the students of Clever Kids and their parents!


31 May

Graduation 2013


"Train in the school of magic - Clever Kids is sent from the platform" eleven and a half! "Please, all the  kindergarten- leavers take your places! Upon arrival you will be met by Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Hermione and Professor Snape! "- So we decided to start graduation in our kindergarten in such a way .

23 Apr


On the eve of the Easter holiday, we propose that our kindergarten children and their parents take a workshop in making feast cakes and the decoration of wooden Easter eggs. This event is carried out under the guidance of our experts - the chef and the teacher of the creativity studio.


23 Feb


Which tricks “Winter” are not organizing not to meet “Spring” and not to give place for it. But in Clever Kids children and their parents will not be cheated! They easily passed all the tests, handled with all the tasks, which “Winter” prepared for them. They easily exposed Baba Yaga, which was sent in replace of “Spring, and they found the key to the heart of ice cold beauty! 

22 Dec

New Year

Every year, in Clever Kids, when planning a New Year holiday for the children, we strive to create a story in which the child will be the main character, believing in the fact that he – is one of the heroes of a fairy tale and that everything that happened – is real. Every year we go to a new adventure, with only one condition – to meet Santa Claus at the end of our journey.