5 to 7 year old


Children find themselves in a specifically furnished and organized classroom that is conducive to their development.  Kids move around quite a bit in a classroom. At this age toddlers learn how to control their body and actively explore the world around them. The classrooms are designed to give the pupils access to any learning material  lying on a shelf or a table all on their own (there are no toys in the classroom). This simple feature helps children gain self-confidence. The kids are encouraged to reach, grab, turn or at least try to touch any learning material in class. This is extremely important because gross motor skills help children to develop their intellect and speech.

But first toddler and their mother must learn to let go of each other. These are the first attempts at becoming independent. It is extremely critical that a child properly take this step so they do not feel abandoned by their mother. Our experienced teachers will certainly guide the through this critical and difficult step.

Classes are held on Saturdays in the first half of the day in groups of up to 10 toddlers. There are two teachers to a group.

Through the online diary you can remotely follow your child’s life and success, how they are working and what they have achieved. Our staff will post all interesting moments and important milestones in the development of your child. This way you are always up to date with the progress of your child in the learning process. We also hold individual parent meetings organized by your child’s teacher and psychologist where the parents can learn about their child’s achievements and future study plans are discussed.