Serhiy, one of the founders of Clever Kids pays such great attention to the meals prepared for the pupils that only the dishes of the top chefs in world can be compared to them. In fact, some chefs may even be a bit jealous and we believe our food is better! Why? Chefs prepare meals for patrons to eat and make them look aesthetically pleasing for the sake of art. On the other hand, we prepare meals for our children whom we love and see every day. All things being equal, food tastes better when cooked with love for loved ones. 

Our menu is specifically designed for children of the pre-school age, which is why it is varied and well balanced. It is also very tasty, nourishing and rich in vitamins, as well as macro- and micro-elements. As a source of protein, we use fresh chilled (not frozen) lean meats such as rabbit, turkey, veal and salmon. As a source of “slow carbs” we use organic cereals and Italian durum wheat pastas. The only oil we use is a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Most food is oven baked, which helps it preserve its flavor and vital vitamins.


Tatyana is a fabulously talented chef! Her daily inspiration results in a true daily feast of surprises for all our kids.

Our pastries are legendary. In fact, one can even sing ballads about them! Just try them out for yourself during one of our events and you will believe this fact! All those pies, buns, muffins, cookies, breads and tarts are so delicious. They are warm and fragrant as they fresh-baked on a daily basis!

We develop the scope of our kids and introduce them to different international cuisines during our weekly theme days – Italian, Ukrainian, German or French. If your child has a special dietary need, we can cater to them as well.

Meals are served five times a day, including breakfast, a fruit platter, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. All meals are included in the monthly fee.

So, this is how our daily menu looks.