3 to 5 years old


Seeing as children show their independence and initiative at this age,  our classes are organized in such a way to facilitate this trait. During lessons we encourage the kids to formulate their own opinion and be open-minded, there is no fear of getting it wrong. Lessons and projects in mathematics, botany, geography, astronomy, speech and literacy are planned to satisfy the kids’ exceptional curiosity.

Also, special breathing techniques and exercises are used to stimulate activity in both sides of the brain which helps encourage a child’s personal growth and ability to think outside the box. A lot of attention is paid to teamwork, communication and negotiation skills, as well as helping one another.

Classes are held five days a week from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm in groups of 20 pupils. The staff includes a Senior Teacher, English native speaker and an assistant.

Prices include five meals a day, swimming classes twice a week and lessons by a speech therapist and psychologist, as well as Italian (upon request), English, art, choreography, music, gymnastics and acting classes. Aikido, ballet and animation studio classes are also available for an additional fee.  You can follow your child’s daily school life and progress, achievements and success through a personal online diary in which th eteachers post interesting moments in the child’s scholarly life. This way parents are kept up to date with the study progress of their child. We also hold individual parent meetings organized by the child’s teacher and psychologist where their achievements and plans for their future studies are discussed.








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