1.6 to 3 years old


In this class children expand the boundaries of their world and keenly begin to master their speech, thoughts and sensory perception. Kids learn to interact with one another and with adults. They also learn to follow basic rules, organize their work and learn important self-help skills.

Lessons are conducted by a Senior Teacher, an English-speaking tutor and an assistant. By reading books and discussing their life events they help kids master their speech and pronunciation, as well as learn the basics of mathematics and practical skills in  life. They also develop their coordination, sensory perception and refine motor skills using objects of different sizes, shapes and colors. By planning and systemizing their work the children develop organizational skills.

Classes are held five days a week from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in groups of 15.

Prices include meals twice a day, swimming classes twice a week, as well as arts, English, choreography, music and gymnastics classes. You can follow your kid’s life and progress, their achievements and success through a personal online diary where teachers post interesting moments of their everyday school life. This way parents are always kept up to date with the studying progress of their child. We also hold individual parent meetings organized by your teacher and psychologist where your kid’s achievements and future studying plans are discussed.