Healthy sleep

Putting toddlers to bed is a true art in and of itself. Even the smallest details can whittle away all efforts of parents to put their kids to sleep. In any case, sleep is just as important for children as is learning. It reinvigorates, relieves their emotional tension and helps the brain relax. So, it is crucial that young children are provided healthy conditions to have a deep sleep.

In order to maintain these conditions, there is a separate bedroom where every child has their own bed with special mattresses designed to prevent scoliosis. Beds, blankets and mattresses are made from environmentally friendly products that are anti-allergenic and antiseptic.

Children that stay at our facilities breathe freely because we ensure the optimal temperature for sleeping and humidify the air when necessary. We create a comfortable and chilled-out atmosphere with the help of specially designed rolling window shades that block the intensity of daylight and play soothing music with the sounds of nature and lullabies. It is a great pleasure for us to see the results of our efforts when children wake up relaxed and are mentally and physically ready to gain new knowledge and experiences!