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Roman Dozhuk is our swimming instructor. He is a professional pentathlete (meaning  five sports, swimming included). Under his vigilant guidance, kids learn proper techniques of holding their breath, diving and swimming in various styles from “front crawl" and "breast stroke". Fun pool games are part of each lesson.
Swimming develops the cardiovascular, locomotive, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as the human body’s metabolism. As a result, children become stronger and sturdier. Their sleep, posture, coordination and psychological state also improve.

Lessons are held twice a week for 30 minutes in Eureka, Discovery and Explorer groups. Age: 1.6 years and up.

Swimming is included in the price. Individual lessons cost UAH 150 and are available for kids under 1.6 years of age.


Roman keeps a keen eye on every child, is very approachable and is always full of positive energy.

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