Cartoon studio

Studios. Kindergarten Clever Kids.Not all adults know how to create cartoons, but the pupils at Clever Kids are nurtured to become young cartoonists and storytellers. Magic heroes, forest fairies, incredible animals and colorful monsters - all of these images live in a child's world of fantasy. Our classes provide an opportunity for children to put their imaginations into colorful frames.
The kids come up with cartoon stories together, think up the main characters and accurately sculpt or draw them with elaborate decorations. Then together with the head of Cartoon studio they make a film of each frame. Children are fascinated by both the preparation and filming processes. 

In our Cartoons studio, they become true authors and directors. As a result of these classes, they watch different cartoons, watch computer game graphics and get more pleasure not from passive viewing, rather from creating their own unique masterpieces of animation. 

Classes last for 1 hour, 2 times a week for children from the older Explorer group.

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