Genius formula

When it comes to unleashing a genius in every child, it is not about Montessori alone. The methodology of Clever Kids is more complex. We combine numerous techniques and create specific conditions for your child to reveal their creative potential and receive a broader education.

To develop creativity and lateral thinking we use various techniques that include breathing and physical exercises that stimulate the work of both sides of the brain. We also use a system of creative tasks in different types of children’s activity such as drawing, acting and speaking.

We have many creative and sports classes to choose from. At first, kids attend all classes with no exceptions during the first 6 weeks. This helps us to discover personal preferences and the potential of every child, which than allows us to develop individual programs for improving their development. Our classes meet such high standards in training that our pupils can easily continue mastering their skills in any specialized schools or sports class. The key elements of the education system at Clever Kids are a comprehensive approach and consistency. Only this allows a child to open up their potential and allows their parents to see their success and achievements.