Family Business

When we were setting up Clever Kids the main focus was to create a place where every child would feel like at home. For us there could be no other way, because we, the founders of Clever Kids, are a family, in the true sense of this word. Our eldest daughter is already a graduate of Clever Kids, while our younger daughter and our youngest son are attending it right now. For this reason at Clever Kids “Family” is not just a word but a clear and meaningful concept that vigorously combines our parental and professional experience.

The executives of Clever Kids are: myself, Yulia Demydenko, my husband Serhiy who is in charge of development and our eldest son Ilya is our finance and client relations manager. We are a group of like-minded individuals, who love what they do and what we do here is more than just a business to us. Clever Kids is a part of our family, that is why we are the only executives and do not let anyone else run our kindergarten. This is our recipe of love and heartiness that prevail here, in Clever Kids.